Responsible Partner

Financial Responsibility

Oriola’s goal is to be a profitable company that continuously develops its operations and is a reliable and attractive partner for all its stakeholders. Financial responsibility refers to the need to ensure profitability, competitiveness and efficiency.  A financially responsible company is able to meet its shareholders’ return expectations while also producing financial wellbeing in society by providing jobs and paying taxes. 

Oriola’s financial target is to achieve growth in excess of the growth of the pharmaceutical market. The ROE (return on equity) target is over 15 per cent, and the Group’s long-term goal for the average gearing ratio is 40–60 per cent.

The aim of Oriola’s dividend policy is to pay out about 50 per cent of the earnings per share as dividends each year. The company’s strategic targets and financial position are taken into consideration when determining dividends.

Responsible Employer

Oriola Group employs over 2800 people, whereof over 1600 pharmacists. Competent and contented staff is the key success factor for Oriola Group. Continuous competence development and good leadership are therefore particularly important. We regularly measure our employee engagement to develop work environment, leadership and ways of working.

Oriola Group hires, employs and promotes employees based solely on competences and skills. Oriola Group promotes freedom from discrimination based on race, ethnic or national origin, color, gender, family status, sexual orientation, creed, disability, age or political beliefs. We respect individual privacy and the confidentiality of private information.

Oriola employees are guided by Group Code of Conduct and Values:
•    We are open
•    We take initiative
•    We take responsibility
•    We work together

The aim of the values is to guide the way people work and behave in their daily tasks. Values also support the company’s mission and vision and achievement of strategic goals.

Environmental Responsibility

Oriola considers the environment in all its activities and aims to minimize negative impacts on environment. The most significant environmental impacts of the company’s business are related to energy consumption, transportation and waste.

Oriola seeks to improve energy efficiency in existing properties and takes into account environmental aspects in new facilities.

Transportation emissions are reduced through managing and optimizing the logistics of pharmaceutical distribution.

Oriola complies with applicable environmental laws and standards. In Sweden Oriola AB and Svensk Dos are certified according to the demands of Environmental Standard ISO 14001.

Oriola seeks to decrease the amount of waste. Oriola advocates recycling and aims to handle the waste with minimal impact on the environment. Examples:

  • Pharmaceuticals are transported to pharmacies in recyclable plastic containers in Finland and Sweden.
  • The dose dispensing at Svensk Dos generate less pharmaceutical waste at the customer
  • At Kronans Apotek pharmacies in Sweden, customers can return pharmaceutical waste free of charge to collection.
  • All pharmaceuticals and other hazardous waste are destroyed with high security and with methods approved by the authorities.

Responsible role in the pharmaceutical distribution and consumer product business

Quality control compliance

The pharmaceutical sector is a strictly regulated industry, and Oriola Group complies with the applicable legislation, regulations and standards in its countries of operation. In addition, Oriola Group employs a number of its own quality control systems.

Good Distribution Practice (GDP) consists of principles and guidelines developed and monitored by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) that require pharmaceutical wholesalers to comply with common rules in pharmaceutical handling in order to ensure patient safety. The guidelines specify requirements on the storage, transportation, handling and marking of medicines.

The Finnish and Swedish authorities, and the local authorities in each Baltic country have implemented these European guidelines into national legislation, and Oriola Group complies with this regulation in all its countries of presence. The application of good practices is regularly assessed by the national authorities and the pharmaceutical companies. During 2016 Oriola Group operations were audited for regulatory requirement compliance by pharmaceutical companies, local authorities and ISO auditors approximately altogether 40 times.

Oriola Group also has an extensive portfolio of consumer products like e.g. food supplements, cosmetics and products under medical device legislation. We comply with the relevant legislation related to those products as well.

Patient and Consumer Safety

Securing patient and pharmaceutical safety, as well as safety of our consumer products takes priority in Oriola Groups operations. It is therefore important to ensure good conditions for appropriate storage and transportation from Oriola Groups distribution centers to pharmacies and hospitals. Professional customer service, pharmaceutical advice and a comprehensive high quality product range are key factors ensuring success in Oriola Group pharmacies.

In a responsible delivery chain for pharmaceuticals, matters to be considered include correct temperature and humidity in storage, and the necessity of an unbroken temperature-controlled chain during transportation.

A growing global problem in pharmaceutical wholesale is pharmaceutical counterfeiting. By directly working only with reliable pharmaceutical manufacturers, Oriola Group helps to ensure that no counterfeit medications are released on the market.

Oriola Group consumer products are handled with the same basic principles as pharmaceuticals regarding storage and transport, ensuring that the quality of the products remains unchanged.

Trusted Partner

Oriola Group has wide variety of medicines, health care product and services. We strive to purchase and to sell our offerings in a responsible way and we support customers making sustainable choices.

Oriola Group aims to be a trusted partner that ensures sustainability in supply chain and requires the suppliers to take sustainability matters into account.