Latest Outlook

Business Outlook for 2018

Adjusted EBIT of continuing operations on constant currency basis is estimated to increase from the 2017 level.

Oriola is undergoing a major development phase which started in 2015. In 2018 Oriola will open an extension to the Enköping Distribution Centre. The start-up of the new automated warehouse is anticipated in the fourth quarter 2018. The phased start-up will impact the efficiency during the fourth quarter. In Finland the improvements to the ERP and warehouse management system taken into use in 2017 will continue, with the aim that the efficiency will improve throughout the year.

In Consumer business the building of Hehku-chain continues with opening of new stores.   In the end of 2017 the pharmaceutical company Roche’s distribution agreement with Oriola ended after a three year contract period. Roche's share of the Finnish pharmaceutical market is 4.7%, and the annual sales of Roche at wholesale price is approximately EUR 120 million in Finland.

Oriola and the pharmaceutical company Orion have agreed that Orion can during 2018 continue to place a part of their offering into multichannel distribution in Finland. The wholesale value of these products is up to EUR 90 million.