Business Environment

Changing business environment - New Business Opportunities

People are more interested in their own health and live longer. Awareness and spending on health and wellbeing is increasing. Consumers are more demanding and technically advanced, thus expecting services 24/7. The retail business is becoming increasingly digital and hence digital services are becoming a necessity.

Also the pharmaceutical markets are undergoing a change. The roles of various operators are changing, new actors are entering the markets and at the same time markets are consolidating. Pharmaceutical companies are becoming specialised and are focusing on their core businesses. Digitalization has an impact on all operators and the need for digital services is growing. These changes are increasing demand for new services.

The share of ageing population is growing leading into increasing need for healthcare related services. These changes create new business opportunities in public and private healthcare.

Healthcare is changing

The amount of ageing population is increasing, which is leading to growing healthcare needs and costs. This offers new business opportunities in niche services provided to public and private healthcare.

Increased spending on health & wellbeing

Rising income levels enable consumers to prioritize health and wellbeing. People want to live a healthy life. Spending on health and wellbeing is on the increase.

Speciality Pharmaceuticals growth

The demand for speciality pharmaceuticals in the hospital sector is growing. These expensive biomedicines require special handling, storage and transportation. Unique handling of the pharmaceuticals and new special services for small customer groups will increase.


Consumers are becoming more technically oriented and expecting services to be available 24/7. The retail industry is undergoing a digital transformation and developing its range of e-services.