Logistics Services

Oriola provides a logistics network that covers all of our operating countries: Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. We provide high quality and ensure that your products are delivered unchanged from our warehouse to pharmacies and hospitals. We deliver all products within 24 hours from the point of order to both restricted areas and to big cities during winter, summer and all seasons in between.

Oriola's logistics and distribution centers

Efficient Logistics

Our infrastructure covers all of our operating markets. In Finland we have a distribution center and a pre-wholesale warehouse. In Sweden we have three distribution centers. In the Baltic markets we have a central warehouse in Lithuania from where the distribution to wholesalers, hospitals and pharmacies is done to all the Baltic countries.

  • High automation provides efficient services
  • A world class cold chain
  • Temperature controlled delivery vehicles
  • GDP and GMP regulations
  • ISO 9001 certification