Oriola+ Services

We have knowledge of the market from producer to consumer. We will help you serve your customers better.

Additional Logistics Services

Oriola’s logistics network covers Finland and Sweden. We know the requirements of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry in the Nordic countries, and will help you succeed in these markets. Amongst the basic logistics services, we provide a wide selection of additional logistics services to meet your needs.

Sales and Marketing Services

Oriola has knowledge of the market from producer to consumer. We harness that knowledge for your business needs and offer you efficient sales and marketing services to help you reach your goals. Our sales and marketing solutions include various alternatives from face to face customer contacting to efficient digital tools.

Information Services

We have intelligent solutions for you to follow your business data. Our solutions can be tailored from easy access basic reporting to deep system integrations, depending on your business needs. With us, you can grow, increase profitability and reach your goals.

Professional Services

Oriola has a long experience in the healthcare field in the Nordic and Baltic countries. We harness that expertise for your business needs. We know the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and authorities. Our customer-oriented experts are ready to serve you and help you to succeed and reach your goals.

Examples of our Oriola+ Services

Kari Lehtipuu

Kari Lehtipuu

Director, Commercial Services
Phone Icon +358 10 429 3416
Kristina Caporicci

Kristina Caporicci

Oriola+ Services, Sweden
Phone Icon +46 31 88 72 73