Pharmaceutical transportation

Pharmaceutical transportation | Oriola

Pharmaceutical transportation is one of the core businesses for Oriola Group. Its distribution network, which mostly consists of road transport, covers all of Finland and Sweden. Pharmaceuticals and other health products are daily delivered to approximately 800 pharmacies in Finland and 1 400 in Sweden. In addition, in Sweden internal transportation between central warehouse and distribution center and exports to Nordic countries are frequent.

In line with its customer promise, Oriola delivers pharmaceuticals to its customers within 24 hours of order. Pharmaceutical transportation has special characteristics (e.g. temperature control, security and avoidance of contamination) that are based on the quality requirements of the pharmaceutical sector and Oriola makes no compromises when complying with them.

In addition to the regulatory requirements associated with pharmaceutical distribution, transportation is planned so that it is as environmental efficient as possible. Long collaboration with transportation companies allows Oriola to ensure a high rate of capacity usage and optimised route planning.


Oriola Group CO₂ emissions from goods transports 2017