Supply chain management | Oriola

Procurement principles, as well as supplier selection and approval processes are important to Oriola, and the most significant human rights impacts of Oriola are associated with supply chains. Oriola promotes adherence with ethical principles among its business partners and suppliers, and requires suppliers and other business partners to commit to Oriola Business Partner Code of Conduct. Business Partner Code of Conduct covers principles related to human rights, environmental impacts and transparency, as well as fighting bribery, corruption and discrimination.

In 2020, Oriola continued the alignment of procurement practices and the implementation of Business Partner Code of Conduct with direct and indirect product suppliers. The company has conducted a geographical risk assessment of direct non-pharmaceutical products and suppliers. The main part of Oriola's direct non-pharmaceutical product purchases come from Europe. By the end of 2020, 232 out of 360 identified direct product suppliers have been benchmarked against Oriola’s supplier practices included in the Oriola Business Partner Code of Conduct.