Sustainability strategy and long-term goals

Oriola’s sustainability strategy is strongly linked with our purpose: “Health for life”. As a health and wellbeing company, we improve the prerequisites for a healthier life – in the context of society, employees and environment.

Oriola sustainability strategy


We are a part of the healthcare system. Approximately half of the pharmaceuticals used in Finland and Sweden pass through Oriola. In addition, we serve consumers in over 320 pharmacies of our own in Sweden. We further develop our services to facilitate primary healthcare and bring sustainable wellbeing products to the market.

Long-term sustainability goal: Improving people’s health


Our professional employees are the key to our success. We are an equal, encouraging and fair workplace where people are happy to work. Our goal is to have competent and committed personnel.

Long-term sustainability goal: Best-in-class employee experience


The wellbeing of the planet is another key element of a healthier future. This is why our goal is to reach carbon neutrality by 2030. To reach this goal we work together with various partners.

Long-term sustainability goal: Carbon neutrality by 2030

Read more about our sustainability work and goals for 2020-2022 from our Annual review 2019.


Our GRI supplement includes sustainability information compliant with the GRI Standards.