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Oriola Group complies with the order of precedence laid down in the Waste Act. First, the generation of waste is minimised and then as much as possible of the generated waste is re-used. Waste can be minimised by using reusable plastic boxes when transporting pharmaceuticals to pharmacies, training staff properly in appropriate and careful handling of pharmaceuticals and monitoring clients' stocks to minimise wastage. In cases where pharmaceutical packaging has only cosmetic defects and cannot be sold at pharmacies, Oriola Group, in cooperation with the pharmaceutical company, seek solutions to prevent destruction.

More than a half of the waste generated by Oriola Group operations is recyclable cardboard and paperboard accumulated when products are repackaged. One third of the waste is energy waste and mixed waste collected from offices that can be combusted. Each year, Oriola Group processes hundreds of thousands of kilograms of pharmaceutical waste that is disposed. Oriola Group helps its clients to safely and correctly dispose pharmaceuticals, non-pharmaceuticals (e.g. nutritional supplements, cosmetics and medical devices) and hazardous waste that have been damaged in production, have expired or have been recalled from the market. A major part of the pharmaceutical waste disposed by Oriola Group comes from the waste collection points of the Kronans Apotek pharmacies where consumers can bring pharmaceuticals they no longer use or have expired. Pharmaceutical waste is processed in combustion plants to generate energy.

Waste management in Oriola Group

Ordinary waste* 2016 2017 
Recycling 953 t 1001 t
Energy recovery 503 t 499 t
Pharmaceutical waste**    
Energy recovery 480 t 493 t 
Total  1 936 t 1993 t 
Reutilization rate 100 % 100 %

 * Waste generated in everyday business operations and collected from Oriola Group facilites (excl. Kronans Apotek pharmacies).

** Pharmaceuticals and non-pharmaceuticals collected from Oriola Group warehouses and waste collection points of the Kronans Apotek pharmacies.

Out of the reporting boundary are Farenta in 2016 and ICT HS in 2017.

Disposal methods for waste in Oriola Group


Disposal methods for waste by countries


Disposal methods for waste by countries