Barometer studies provide valuable information on self-care products of pharmacies

Barometer studies performed by Oriola’s Farenta expert services provide valuable information for pharmaceutical companies on self-care products of pharmacies. Barometer studies document, for example, on what grounds pharmacists recommend self-care products and which factors influence the choice of recommended products.

The response rates of barometer studies vary between 300 and 600 respondents, and the studies provide comprehensive data from pharmacists working in different parts of Finland. Our previous barometer studies have evaluated, for example, allergy, flu, pain and vitamin D products.

A currently ongoing three-phase barometer study associated with abdominal symptoms clarifies the pharmacists’ views and experiences of self-care of abdominal symptoms and recommending different products. The three study phases cover the self-care of diarrhoea, constipation and heartburn. The results will become available at the end of 2018.

Barometer studies provide pharmaceutical companies with valuable information, for example, to support their marketing strategy and product development.

"A pharmacist must have very extensive knowledge of different self-care products in order to serve the pharmacy customers in the best possible way. The barometers help pharmaceutical companies discover how well the company's message has reached pharmacists and which factors the company should focus on in the future", says Research Manager Jenni Repo.

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