Comprehensive hospital sales services for pharmaceutical companies

Tenders for medicines in hospital districts in Finland are expected to start at the beginning of 2019. According to a preliminary estimate, approximately 84 percent of Finnish medicines sold to hospitals are involved in the competitive bidding. For pharmaceutical companies, tenders are a great opportunity to succeed in the Finnish healthcare market.

Oriola´s robust hospital sales expertise serves pharmaceutical companies comprehensively in all matters related to the preparation and delivery of bids.

Our versatile service solutions support your business needs

  • On your behalf, we will follow calls for bids in public procurement in the HILMA and Credita systems.
  • We take care of the hospital bidding for you from beginning to end.
  • We conduct comprehensive analysis of competitors and markets to support business decision-making and we also help with preparation of HTA assessments and risk distribution models.
  • Sent by email twice a month, our hospital district newsletter (published in Finnish) keeps you informed of the key decisions being made in provincial hospital districts.
  • The Hanti procurement decision database is a unique tool for tracking and analysing provincial hospital district procurement decisions efficiently.
  • A Finnish-speaking contact person will handle communication between the hospital district’s procurement unit and the pharmaceutical company.

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Raisa Keltanen

Raisa Keltanen

Head of Market and Hospital Access
Phone Icon +358 40 843 3334

The hospital services we provide are part of our Market Access service. Read about our other Market Access services clicking on the link below.

Market and hospital access

Our pharmaceutical and health economic experts are ready to solve challenges you are facing in market and hospital access in the Finnish healthcare market.

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