Continuous growth in the Nordic pharmaceutical markets

In 2018, the pharmaceutical market growth accelerated in both Finland and Sweden. The sales of traded goods have also grown fast, driven by e-commerce and consumers’ willingness to invest in health and wellbeing. Aging population and increase in life expectancy have also had effect on the market.

“Along with the aging population the demand for specialty pharmaceuticals is growing. These expensive biomedicines require special handling, storage and transport which we can help our customers with’’, states Minna Jacobson, Director Sales & Account Management, Business Area Pharma, Oriola.

In Sweden the obligation for wholesalers to deliver pharmaceuticals to pharmacies within 24 hours from receiving the orders, as well as new rules for return of products by pharmacies to wholesalers took effect in 2018.

‘’New laws and regulations continue to affect the pharmaceutical market. The latest being the European Falsified Medicine Directive. At Oriola we follow the regulations and can help our customers to meet the requirements as well”, says Fredrik Pamp, Sales and Marketing Director, Business Area Pharma, Oriola.

Full support for the market entry of pharmaceutical products

Innovative pharmaceutical products that support efficient treatment and patient’s wellbeing are welcomed and brought into the Nordic market.

‘’At Oriola we were happy to start cooperation with 18 new logistic customers in Finland only’’, comments Minna Jacobson.

Oriola is known for its extensive knowledge in warehousing and logistics services. Besides that, we support pharmaceutical companies market entry with unique service portfolio covering everything from clinical trials to consumer services.

‘‘Our Nordic team consists of experienced and customer focused professionals. A dedicated contact person with knowledge of the entire market and our expert service portfolio for pharmaceuticals, is a benefit our growth seeking customers really appreciate’’, says Kristina Caporicci, Key account Manager, Business Area Pharma, Oriola.

Fredrik Pamp is happy to tell you more about the requirements of entering the Nordic market and our superior services.

Fredrik Pamp

Fredrik Pamp

Vice President, Business Area Pharma
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