Tenders for medicines about to start in hospital districts – are you ready?

Tenders for medicines about to start in hospital districts – are you ready?

Tenders for medicines in hospital districts is expected to start at the beginning of 2019. According to a preliminary estimate, approximately 84 percent of Finnish medicines sold to hospitals are involved in the competitive bidding, excluding possible option solutions.

Tenders for hospital districts is important for companies, but it is also a demanding and often time-consuming project. Hospital districts send the final procurement decisions almost always as complicated PDF files to the pharmaceutical companies that took part in the tender, which makes it even more challenging. Decisions can be five or six hundred pages long, and it is difficult to extract information for analysis.

“A disproportionate amount of time is spent on extracting pieces of information from procurement decisions, and quite often, not all the necessary details can be used because of time constraints. It is very difficult to convert the content of procurement decisions to a format that would be easy to present to the rest of the organisation”, says Business Solution Manager Lauri Kekoni, who is an expert on tendering processes in hospital districts and works for Farenta, the expert service provider of the Oriola Group.

HANTI – an invaluable asset for the tendering procedures in hospital districts

HANTI is a unique procurement decision database developed by Oriola and its partners. It is a digital tool that can be used to monitor and analyse procurement decisions easily. Going through final procurement decisions is considerably easier and more efficient with HANTI compared to browsing PDF files. In addition, information can be quickly converted to a presentable format. HANTI has been particularly developed to modify procurement decisions which are in PDF format. However, it also supports other file formats used in competitive procurement.

“For instance, the procurement decision of Kuopio University Hospital from 2018 had six hundred pages in image format, and it was not possible to use any search functions. Using HANTI, we were able to modify the documents so that it was easy to read them and transfer them to Excel for further processing”, says Kekoni.

With the help of HANTI, it is possible to comprehensively analyse preparations that are involved in procurement decisions. In addition, HANTI makes it easier to analyse strategic guidelines of one´s own and competitors’ companies that have taken part in hospital tenders in recent years. This way, it strongly supports companies’ decision-making for the next major bidding rounds.

“If you want to make comprehensive analyses and strategic decisions for the competitive procurement in 2019, you should start using HANTI preferably in autumn 2018. Before the implementation of HANTI, the pharmaceutical company has to deliver the procurement decision PDF files to us and we will download them to HANTI. This way we make sure that only the pharmaceutical company in question has access to the information”, Kekoni explains and continues: “Obviously, all information related to company are handled with great confidentiality and according to confidentiality agreement.”

Expert services help you with analyses and hospital tenders

Our experienced experts, who have specialised in hospital sales, help pharmaceutical companies analyse competitors and markets comprehensively for hospital sales and tenders. If necessary, they will take care of all aspects of the tendering process.

"We also make analyses for pharmaceutical companies for other situations that require examination of the market. An example could be sales meetings where our experts can act as facilitators", says Kekoni.

 HANTI procurement decision database

  • a digital tool to monitor and analyse procurement decisions of hospital districts
  • a browser user interface works anywhere and any time
  • charging based on annual licence
  • a training is included in the licence

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