Website renewal tripled visitor amounts

Nearly all company strategies currently include digital customer experience, and websites should be designed customer first while remembering usability in different devices. Oriola-KD focused on customers when designing its new website and new technology was used to best answer needs.

 Digital Manager Leila Mojtahedi, who is responsible for the concept of the new website and Communication Managers Hanna Kalmari and Myra Magnusson, who are responsible for content production.

Numerous websites on different platforms. Content that doesn’t concern anyone. The most relevant information for visitors is missing. This common situation for many big companies riddled also the old Oriola-KD website.

- We wanted to build a website that strengthens our company’s common brand: Oriola-KD’s unique role in uniting pharmaceutical companies, other healthcare actors and consumers as a service provider, explains Oriola’s Digital Manager Leila Mojtahedi, who is responsible for the concept of the new website.

Oriola-KD launched its new responsive website in December 2015. The new website challenges the image of a conservative pharmaceutical industry and focuses on customers and other stakeholders such as investors and potential employees.

Customer needs at the heart of the design

Understanding customer needs was crucial to the planning and design of the new website. Customer-centricity was incorporated in the project in a different way than is usual to the industry. The digital customer path was at the heart of the design to ensure an effective and easy experience.

One of the key goals of Oriola-KD’s strategy is the active development of digital business. The company offers consumers high quality products and know-how, and logistics and other expert services to pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare actors. The company’s webshop businesses in Sweden, Finland and Latvia are a strong growth area that will increase in importance. As an international operator, Oriola-KD needed to consider market specific needs and languages when planning the website.

- The different needs of different target audiences often lead to a fractured approach and fragmented customer experience. We spent a lot of time planning how we’ll offer relevant content easily to different target audiences while keeping a coherent customer experience that is in line with our brand.

Also internal users were kept in mind during the renewal project. Good usability and clear processes are important to ensure that the content stays fresh and can be utilized easily according to different needs.

- Our aim was to simplify and make our content creation processes easier freeing up time for content creation work itself, which brings the end user added value. Our personnel that work with our customers participates in planning content enabling storytelling and the voice of customer in our content.

Statistics prove success

A successful website renewal is determined not only by customer feedback but also by numeric measurements. Analytics was incorporated in planning the new website and is used also in further development.

- The amount of mobile users is continuously growing. The chosen platform for the new website is Episerver, which works wonderfully responsively in different devices. The renewal of the Oriola-KD website can also be seen positively in our statistics. After the launch, our visitor rates have tripled and the amount of returning visitors has grown by 35%.

- We regularly follow user statistics and use that data to continuously develop the website to better answer visitor needs.

Innofactor was Oriola-KD’s technical partner for the project and continues to maintain and develop the website.

- We are very happy with our new website and we have entered it to compete in the Cannes Lions Health category. The winners will be announced on June 19th.

Text: Myra Magnusson
Image: Johanna Ali-Kovero