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We are open

-We have to look at deviations and problems in an open way. The purpose of Oriola’s Lean program is to build up problem solving capabilities within all employees in order to continuously improve our ways-of-working to serve our customers better. It’s all about continuously learning and developing, says Magnus Korsgren, Development Director in Oriola’s Services business area.

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Oriola Key facts

Oriola offers expert advice on health and wellbeing and an extensive and high-quality selection of products in its own pharmacies. To healthcare operators, Oriola provides wide service offering covering pharmaceutical distribution, branded products and other tailored services.


Oriola's net sales was 1.5 EUR billion in 2017.


Oriola operates in Sweden and Finland.


Oriola has over 320 Kronans Apotek pharmacies in Sweden.


The number of Oriola's personnel was 2,600 by the end of 2017.

Our Values

Shared values capture what we have in common and what type of culture we want to create for the whole Group. Values help us to create a unified way of working, which is also visible towards our stakeholders.

Oriola's Values

The employees are guided by the Group’s values: We are open, We take initiative, We take responsibility and We work together. The aim of the values is to set guidance on desired ways of behaving and to support the mission, vision, and reaching the strategic objectives.

Oriola as an Employer

Oriola has a solid position in consumer and services business in the pharmaceutical markets in Sweden and Finland. We offer expert advice on health and wellbeing and an extensive and high-quality selection of products in our own pharmacies.

We offer various interesting positions in pharmacies and distribution centers and demanding specialist positions in offices. The recruitment process is handled via local recruitment channels in Finland and Sweden.

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