How are our values visible in the daily life?

How are Oriola’s values – we are open, we take initiative, we take responsibility, we work together – visible in normal work day?  

Oriola’s employees Joonas Boujraf, Magnus Korsgren, Maria Niva and Markus Myllymäki share their thoughts about Oriola's values.

We take initiative

Joonas Boujraf has worked in IT support for two years now, and before that he worked in the Oriola warehouse for four years.

– We get support requests every day. Some requests are more demanding than others. I just take the initiative and find out what it is all about, says Joonas.

We work together

Markus Myllymäki is responsible for defining logistics processes in Finland and Sweden, then later in the Baltics related to a major development project.

– Working together is the most important value in teamwork. A good team knows its roles and responsibilities but also understands its limitations. You have to acknowledge when you are unsure and ask for support, Markus says.

We are open

-We have to look at deviations and problems in an open way. The purpose of Oriola’s Lean program is to build up problem solving capabilities within all employees in order to continuously improve our ways-of-working to serve our customers better. It’s all about continuously learning and developing, says Magnus Korsgren, Development Director in Oriola’s Services business area.

We take responsibility

Maria Niva is responsible for the development of sales and operations in Kronans Apotek. Before her current role she has worked as a pharmacy manager and regional manager.

– For me, taking responsibility is making responsible and safe decisions, Maria explains.