Our Services for Consumers

Oriola focuses on the needs of consumers in health and wellbeing related products and services. Oriola offers expert advice on health and wellbeing and an extensive and high-quality selection of products in its own pharmacies.

Consumer markets in Sweden

In Sweden, Oriola has a nationwide pharmacy chain Kronans Apotek with 325 pharmacies, skilled personnel and an in-depth knowledge of consumer needs.

In Sweden Kronans Apotek provides a differentiated, modern retail customer experience combined with expert advice and enabled by digital services. Kronans Apotek differentiates itself with an extensive assortment of high quality beauty and wellbeing products on top of a full pharmacy assortment. Kronans Apotek connects mobile, e-commerce and physical retail for the benefit of our consumers, complementing it with a redefined loyalty program.

Consumer markets in Finland

For Consumers, Oriola Finland offers a wide range of OTC and traded goods. The product assortment includes, amongst others, vitamins, dietary supplements, pharmaceutical cosmetics, skincare products, tests, sports drinks, and wound care products. Oriola’s product selection includes leading healthcare and wellbeing product brands, such as exclusive brands Avéne, Gefilus, Lysi and Oriola’s own brand Pharmacare. Products can be purchased in pharmacies and grocery stores.

In addition, Oriola's wide product assortment also includes food supplements such as vitamins, dietary supplements, and pharmaceutical cosmetics, skincare products.

Hehku is a new nationwide chain, specialising in products and services that promote your health, beauty and wellbeing. At Hehku, you are offered  professional advice and a unique selection of wellbeing-enhancing products and services.
Founded by Kesko and Oriola,  Hehku is both an online and brick and mortar store. First Hehku shops opened in Finland in the beginning of 2018.