The Board of Directors appoints and dismisses the President and CEO of Oriola.

The President and CEO is in charge of the day-to-day management of the company and its administration in accordance with the Finnish Companies Act and the instructions and orders of the Board of Directors. The President and CEO also ensures that accounts of the company comply with Finnish law and that its financial affairs have been organised in a reliable manner. The President and CEO is assisted in his work by the Group Management Team. The President and CEO’s service terms and conditions are specified in writing in the President and CEO’s service contract, which is approved by the Board of Directors.

Juko Hakala

Mr. Juko Hakala was appointed Oriola Corporation's acting President & CEO effective February 1, 2021. He is also a member of Oriola Corporation’s Board of Directors since March 2018. Mr. Hakala has an extensive experience in CEO and other leadership positions in listed companies in Finland and in Nordic countries. He is a board member in companies in the health sector and advises sustainability focused start-ups.

During 2019 he was the Group CEO for the incorporation and strategic steering of Traffic Management Finland Group, Finland's state-owned corporation for land, sea and air traffic management. During 2014–2017 he was the Group CEO for Affecto plc, a Northern European market leader for data and analytics professional services which was listed in Helsinki Stock Exchange prior to being sold to CGI in 2017. Prior to Affecto, Mr Hakala held several leadership positions at Accenture Nordics, including Managing Director, Digital, Technology Strategy and Infrastructure Services.

Further information on remuneration and terms of service of the President and CEO of Oriola can be found in the Remuneration page and in the Annual Report.