The global change forces impacting our business present new opportunities and challenges. We prepare for the changes and constantly develop our business to meet the changing needs of society, consumers and the operators in health and wellbeing market.

Increased spending on health and wellbeing

People are increasingly interested in their health and want to prevent getting ill. Spending on health and wellbeing in on the rise.

  • We offer expert advice on health and wellbeing and an extensive, high-quality product selection in our Kronans Apotek pharmacies in Sweden.


Consumers are increasingly demanding, technically advanced and expect services to be available at their convenience. Retail business is becoming increasingly digital, and digital services are becoming a necessity.

  • We serve consumers through the online stores of Kronans Apotek in Sweden. Our goal is to provide a seamless and superior customer experience through continuous development.
  • We offer additional digital services for example with mobile apps.
  • In Sweden, we started cooperation with the online medical centre

Changing healthcare

Life expectancy is increasing. The share of ageing population is growing, leading to growing healthcare requirements and costs. This offers new business opportunities in services provided to public and private healthcare.

  • We provide pharmaceutical and dose dispensing services for public and private sector customers in Sweden and dose dispensing services for pharmacies in Finland.
  • We provide expert services to pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare operators. We have increased our service offering in 2016– 2017 with acquisitions for example Farenta and ICTHS Health Support.

Speciality pharmaceutical’s growth

The demand for speciality pharmaceuticals used in hospitals is growing. These expensive biomedicines require special handling, storage and transport

  • We provide special handling, storage and transport required by specialty medicines. Unique handling of the pharmaceuticals and new special services for small customer groups will create new business opportunities.