Of the total number of shares in the company, a maximum of 500,000,000 are class A shares and a maximum of 1,000,000,000 class B shares. The shares have no nominal value.

At General Meetings, each class A share carries 20 votes and each class B share one vote. According to the Articles of Association, no shareholder may vote using an amount of votes that exceeds 1/20 of the total number of votes carried by the shares of different share classes represented at the General Meeting. To amend this provision of the Articles of Association, at least 4/5 of the votes cast and of the shares represented at the General Meeting must support the resolution. Both share classes give the shareholder the same rights to the company’s assets and dividend distribution.

Oriola Corporation’s class A and B shares are quoted on the main list of the Nasdaq OMX Helsinki exchange. The company’s field of business on the stock exchange is Health Care Distributors and the company is classified under Health Care. The ticker symbol for the class A shares is OKDAV and for the class B shares OKDBV.

The Company has in total 55,434,273 class A shares registered in the Trade Register, whose total number of votes is 1,108,685,460, and in total 126,051,940 class B shares, whose total number of votes is 126,051,940, making a combined total of 181,486,213 shares and 1,234,737,400 votes.

Treasury shares

The company has 84,903 treasury shares, all of which are class B shares. They account for 0.05 per cent of the company's shares and 0.01 per cent of the votes.

Share conversion

Pursuant to Article 3 of the Articles of Association, a shareholder may demand conversion of class A shares into class B shares.

Conversion right

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