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Oriola’s Market Access and Tender services expand in the Nordic countries


Oriola’s Market Access and Tenders services support pharmaceutical companies in securing patients’ access to medicines. Thanks to new partnerships with Stratminds and Tenders Sverige Ab, our services now cover the whole Nordic region.

The successful introduction of a new pharmaceutical into the Nordic market requires deep market specific expertise. Oriola’s Market Access experts have helped dozens of pharmaceutical companies in successfully bringing their medicines to the Finnish  market through hospital districts’ tendering  or to be included in the Finnish reimbursement system.

To support pharmaceutical companies in a successful market entry to all Nordic countries, we have entered into partnerships with Stratminds and Tenders Sverige AB. Stratminds holds specific expertise in all aspects of introducing pharmaceuticals to the Swedish, Norwegian and Danish markets. Tenders Sverige AB’s expertise covers the same market area but is specialised in the competitive public tendering of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. 

"We are excited to start cooperation with Stratminds and Tenders. We all share a common goal of securing patients’ access to medicines and are passionate to help pharmaceutical companies in this meaningful task”, says Marja Ristola, Business Unit Director, Expert Services.