High-quality and cost-effective Market Access services

Our experts have experience working within the pharmaceutical field, as well as in governmental functions, and they know how to manage different pricing and reimbursement status applications, hospital tenders and other aspects of Market Access activities. Our operations are guided by solid pharmaceutical and health-economic expertise that helps us ensure the best possible result for our customers.

From individual applications to fully outsourced Market Access activities

  • We offer strategic consulting and training for all Market Access operations. 
  • We adapt international health-economic reports/models and budget impact models to fit the Finnish health care system
  • We handle all sorts of pricing and reimbursement status applications (new products, expanded indications, renewals etc.)
  • We handle all tasks related to the preparation and delivery of hospital tenders with rock-solid knowledge of hospital sales (we can also offer assistance with HTA assessments and risk-sharing models)
  • We organise meetings with experts and interest groups

We give you high-quality, cost-effective and comprehensive Market Access services. We work flexibly on an hourly basis with anything from parts of individual applications to the complete outsourcing of Market Access operations.

Raisa Keltanen

Raisa Keltanen

Head of Market and Hospital Access
Phone Icon +358 40 843 3334
Jaana Joutseno

Jaana Joutseno

Head of Health Economics
Phone Icon +358 40 751 4189

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