Pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and other pharmaceutical players may outsource the medical information for their medicinal products to Oriola's experts to handle. This way, resources can be optimized and cost savings achieved without compromising the quality of service.

Expert medical information service that offers counselling around medicines and medicinal devices

  • Pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and other pharmaceutical players can outsource the medical information function for their products to our Medical Information expert center.
  • We are the leading medical Information expert center in the Nordics. Managing many of the pharmaceutical and medical device company’s medical information functions today. We handle over 15.000 cases per year.
  • Our medical information service team employees have a robust expertise in pharmacovigilance and product quality issues. Through their experience from pharmacy work, we guarantee a customer service-oriented mindset and high ethical standards. All cases and question are documented in our validated case handling system for Medical Information, making it easy with reconciliation, and audits etc. If requested, we can also work in your internal system.
  • Our service is provided via phone, e-mail or chat.
  • We serve you in Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and English. Our service is normally available on workdays but other availability can be agreed if needed.

Our service may cover all of your company’s products or, for example, just one particularly demanding product or device.


Nordic countries:

Annika Norstedt

Head of Medical Information and Pharmacovigilance Team Lead
Phone Icon +46 70 725 62 90


Piia Rantala

Piia Rantala

Medical Information and Patient Support Team Lead
Phone Icon +358 40 756 7664

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