A wide range of sales and marketing services

We help health care companies achieve their sales targets. Backed by our long and versatile experience, we offer marketing consultation services and an extensive selection of other sales and marketing services.

Boosted selling power in the pharmaceutical field

Oriola’s sales and marketing experts have backgrounds as pharmacists and are at your service when you want to strengthen your marketing field in a cost-effective manner, or need an expert to present a product or conduct training. Our Key Account managers, sales representatives (OTC, RX, VET) and product managers have years of experience and knowledge about the needs of health care providers, which will help them support your sales.

Promotionals in pharmacies

We know the needs of pharmacy customers, the products on the market, potential competitors and the market situation, and can start the sales work quickly. Our services include, among others, arranging product presentation days for pharmacy customers and training for pharmacy personnel.

Effective telemarketing

Sometimes, in order to move forward, it is good to get your message across quickly and effectively. Our telemarketing experts have backgrounds as pharmacists, and are able to contact a large number of health care professionals within a short period of time. Telemarketing is a cost-effective way to reach customers (no matter the distance) and to increase your sales.

Events and training

The Oriola Road Show offers an opportunity to reach health care professionals in Finland’s largest cities. Pharmacists, hospital pharmacists, veterinarians and veterinary clinical staff gather to hear interesting product news and develop their professional skills. In case of an acute lack of resources, our product representatives can help.

We also plan and execute tailored turnkey training events and sales training for personnel at pharmacies, as well as within your  company.

Effective communication services that boost your sales

Our versatile communications service ensures that your message reaches the desired target group. With the help of our service you can reach people all over Finland:

  • up to 7,500 pharmacists in pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and dispensaries
  • up to a thousand veterinarians, veterinary clinics and Bachelors of Veterinary Science
  • over 300 health stores

Our product information videos, filmed in a studio, make good additions to multi-channel campaigns. They reach and inform up to 7,500 pharmacists, quickly and cost-effectively.

If needed, we ensure that critical and important notices that affect pharmacosafety are communicated to all pharmaceutical units in Finland.

High-quality market research to support decision making

Oriola’s team of pharmaceutical professionals plan and execute market surveys. This is our strength. We know the legislation and regulations of the pharmaceutical field and its ethical code of conduct, and we work in accordance with these. More importantly, we also know your target group in pharmacies and hospitals, and focus on reaching these. If you so wish, we can package research results as a suggestion for a concrete plan of action.

  • Our market research service enables the testing of new product concepts.
  • In addition to our product group-specific market surveys, we carry out opinion surveys to map the practices and working methods of the pharmaceutical field. We have experience of opinion research aimed at pharmacists, as well as physicians.

Promotional material services to increase the visibility of products and campaigns

We have specialised in distribution and storage hotel services for promotional materials from players within the pharmaceutical field and health business. Our service increases the visibility of your products and campaigns. We package and deliver promotional materials, products and shop window dressing materials for pharmacies, veterinarians, hospitals and other target groups. We supply different campaign packaging and labelling. We work cost-effectively, flexibly and quickly – also in one-off assignments.

Medicinal product samples in the hands of experts

In our medicinal product sample service, we ensure that the distribution of medicinal product samples runs effectively and in accordance with Good Distribution Practices. Within the framework of our service agreement, we label medicinal product samples and distribute them directly to physicians and representatives and handle the documentation related to this.