With the help of high technology and passionate professionals, we are able to fulfil our customers’ needs today and in the future.At our Espoo logistics centre, continuous development supporting our logistics services is taking place and today a high level of automation ensures efficient logistics services for our customers.

Logistics services for efficient and safe deliveries

  • Increase in automation level
  • Incoming goods area is renewed
  • Filling process is improved with excellent results
  • Automated picking line for non-pharmaceutical products is in place
  • Voice-controlled picking has been taken into use
  • ISO 9001: Multisite certificate 2017

Oriola ensures that the products are delivered safely and unchanged to pharmacies, hospitals, veterinarians and grocery shops. We deliver all products within 24 hours from their order to both remote districts and big cities all year round. Our logistics network covers Finland and Sweden.

Minna Jacobson

Minna Jacobson

Director, Account Management and Sales
Phone Icon +358 40 592 0808

Services for Pharmaceutical Companies