Medicine importing services for a smooth solution

Medicine import requires a licence. If a pharmaceutical company does not have a licence of their own, medicinal products can be imported under Oriola’s wholesale licence. We handle the obligations in relation to the importer’s tasks, such as the examination of batch release certificates, international trade statistics and responsibilities related to mandatory reserve supplies.

Comprehensive service for all import-related matters

  • Oriola import licence
    • We act as an importer of your products and handle all importer responsibilities.
    • If needed, our import licence also covers narcotics.
  • Service for handling batch release certificates
    • We check that batch release certificates adhere to requirements
    • We move the products to sales stock when it has been confirmed that the batch release certificate is in order.
    • We archive the batch release certificates (for 6 years). 
  • Monitoring service for mandatory reserve supplies
    • We follow the mandatory reserve supply balance based on real-time data.
    • We stop sales when the stock balance is still at a level in accordance with the obligation (so that the supply is never smaller than what is allowed).
    • We handle deliveries according to FEFO, to the extent that the reserve supply obligation allows.
  • Intrastat reporting service
    • Through our electronic service we send intrastat reports to Customs based on the data in Oriola’s system.

If needed, we handle all import-related obligations. We will find you the best possible working method to ensure that your import of medicinal products runs smoothly.

Jussi Kinnunen

Jussi Kinnunen

Product Manager, Commercial Services
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