Oriola provides services for healthcare actors who want to succeed in the Nordic countries. We have knowledge of the market from producer to consumer. We will help you serve your customers better. With us you can grow, increase profitability and reach your goals.


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Pharmacy Services

Oriola provides the logistic network that covers our operating countries: Sweden and Finland. We provide high quality and ensure that products are delivered unchanged from our own warehouses to the pharmacies, hospitals and veterinaries.

Pharmacy services

Marketing and sales services

To support the sales of the pharmacies, Oriola provides a wide range of traded goods and sales and marketing services in Finland. The product portfolio includes, among others, vitamins, dietary supplements, pharmaceutical cosmetics, skincare products, tests, sports drinks, and wound care products.

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Oriola offers the possibility of importing unlicensed medicines with which the continued treatment of patient can be ensured.

Importing of Unlicensed Medicines

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Katarina Gabrielson

Katarina Gabrielson

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Päivi Ylä-Kotola

Quality Director
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