Pharmacy Services

Pharmaceutical distribution (DTP)

Oriola provides a logistics network that covers Sweden and Finland. We ensure that products are delivered unchanged from our own warehouses to pharmacies, hospitals and veterinaries. We deliver all products within 24 hours from the time an order is placed to both restricted areas and to big cities around the year.

Quality is the cornerstone for all our operations

  • GDP
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in Sweden
  • We ensure that all products are delivered at the right temperature
  • Deliveries according to agreed timelines and service levels

Efficient Logistics

Our infrastructure covers our operating markets. In Sweden the pharmaceutical distribution to pharmacies takes place from Enköping. The main logistics center in Finland is located in Espoo.

Special Licensed Medicine importing service fills in medical shortages

Principles of ensuring patient safety and treatment commitment strongly guide the whole pharmaceutical industry. One essential factor in committing to the treatment of a patient is the availability of medicine. Sudden shortages of licensed products can occur.

Oriola offers the possibility of importing medicines that are not registered in a specific country. With Oriola’s special licensed service the continued treatment of patient can be ensured.

Through our network, we can find the right product to fill in the shortage of a licensed pharmaceutical. Thus, we can ensure that the patient receives the necessary treatment throughout the shortage period.

Purchase and distribution services of OTC and traded goods

In Sweden Oriola provides competitive sourcing and supply chain to pharmacy chains. Cooperation enables large purchasing volumes at competitive prices. The service covers both purchase and distribution of traded goods and OTC pharmaceuticals. Pharmacy chains are in charge of assortment decisions. In cases when a pharmacy chain wants to have its own Parallel Import Product, Oriola helps with warehoue storage and logistics.

Katarina Gabrielson

Katarina Gabrielson

Vice President, BA Retail
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