Renovation projects in Finland and Sweden improve Oriola’s energy efficiency

Renovation projects in Finland and Sweden improve Oriola’s energy efficiency

Letf to right: Kimmo Savolainen, Director of Logistics Operations Business Area Services; Kimmo Virtanen, Vice President Business Area Services; Niclas Ramsin, Director Logistics Operations Sweden Business Area Services, Katarina Gabrielson, Sourcing Director & BU Director Retail Services; Jonas Larsson, Facility Manager.

Significant renovation projects have taken place in Oriola facilities in Mankkaa and Mölnlycke. The high-bay warehouse in Mölnlycke expanded by 2 aisles increasing the storage capacity with 7 700 pallet places. The size of inbound area grew by 900 square meters. In Mankkaa an energy efficiency project was launched in in collaboration with LeaseGreen, a Finnish company dedicated to helping companies to improve their environmental sustainability by enhancing energy efficiency. The assignment consisted of modernization of air ventilation and lightning systems to achieve savings in energy consumption, CO₂ emissions and costs. The project will be completed by the Spring 2018.

Renovation project increased Mölnlycke warehouse’s energy efficiency

The project in Mölnlycke high-bay warehouse was launched with the aim to increase storage capacity. Renovations in the high-bay warehouse offered also an opportunity to continue the energy efficiency improvements that started at Mölnlycke premises a few years ago. Thanks to the extension’s new insulation system the loss of energy can be minimized and the warehouse is now more energy efficient than before. “We expect lower energy consumption per square meter even though capacity has increased,” says Jonas Larsson, Mölnlycke Facility Manager. “During the past years we have done a lot in Mölnlycke to reduce power consumption. Main things are geothermal heating, new control system, more control of heating and cooling equipment and LED lightning,” Larsson explains.

Jari Mäkelä | Oriola

Energy efficiency project in Finland will reduce Oriola’s carbon footprint

In Mankkaa warehouse and office building the air ventilation was modernized and heating and cooling systems were upgraded. LED lightning system was implemented and new technology was introduced: the installed CO₂ sensors adjust automatically the air conditions in the office. The project’s life-cycle impacts are significant. “According to LeaseGreen estimations the annual savings will be approximately 2 500 MWh,” says Jari Mäkelä, Mankkaa Facility Manager. In addition to the savings, the improvements in energy efficiency will reduce Oriola’s carbon footprint. “Our CO₂ emissions will be reduced by approximately 500 tons annually. The amount corresponds to the consumption of 230 houses with electric heating,” Mäkelä describes.