HANTI – an invaluable asset for tendering procedures in hospital districts

The competitive tendering of medicinal products for hospital districts is an important, but also a demanding and often time-consuming project for pharmaceutical companies. Oriola´s HANTI procurement decision database is a unique tool for a more efficient follow-up and analysis of hospitals’ procurement decisions.

This year about 80% of medicines sold to Finnish hospitals have been included in competitive tendering. The contract award decisions will be published at the end of the year, and procurement periods will start as of 1.1.2020. Competitive tendering for the specific catchment area of Kuopio University Hospital (KUH) will probably start in 2020, and, in addition, there are constantly several smaller tendering processes ongoing. For pharmaceutical companies, competitive tendering offers an opportunity to succeed on the Finnish market of hospital products, however, at the same time the processes require time, expertise and resources.

“We serve pharmaceutical companies comprehensively in all matters related to hospital tenders. We have also developed a unique HANTI tool which provides companies with an easy and fast possibility to follow up on hospitals’ procurement decisions in Finland”, says Jaana Joutseno, Head of Market Access at Oriola.

HANTI supports strategic decision-making

With the help of the HANTI procurement decision database pharmaceutical companies can comprehensively analyse products that are covered by procurement decisions. Companies can also utilise HANTI to analyse their own and their competitors’ tenders for previous years. This supports the companies in their strategic decision-making when participating in future competitive tenderings.

If the pharmaceutical company’s own resources or expertise do not cover hospital tenders, the company may outsource their tendering to Oriola´s experts, from the beginning to the end. Pharmaceutical companies can also utilise Oriola’s expert services in analysing their competitors and the markets, as well as in Health Technology Assessments and the compiling of risk division models, for example. Oriola’s experts on hospital procurements carry out their tasks efficiently and with utmost secrecy, required by the customer.

 HANTI procurement decision database

  • a validated digital tool to monitor and analyse procurement decisions of hospital districts in Finnish
  • a browser user interface works anywhere and any time
  • training is included in the license

 Jaana Joutseno will be happy to tell you more!

Raisa Keltanen

Raisa Keltanen

Head of Market and Hospital Access
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