How to succeed in hospital tenders of medicines in Finland?

In Finland, there are ongoing hospital tenders of medicines. The purpose of the tendering is to provide the best possible medication for patients at reasonable costs to the society. For pharmaceutical companies, tenders offer a great opportunity to succeed in the Finnish healthcare market.

Tendering is an important but at the same time demanding and time-consuming project. An excellent knowhow of the Finnish healthcare market is a prerequisite to successful tendering.

“We are happy to guide pharmaceutical companies all the way through the tendering process”, says Raisa Viljakainen, Pricing and Reimbursement Team Lead at Oriola.

Training program of the Finnish healthcare market

Oriola´s training program offers pharmaceutical companies an easy and effective way to increase their knowhow of the Finnish healthcare market and hospital tenders. The training program includes following modules:

  • Overview on the Finnish hospital operating environment
  • Description of hospital tender processes, timelines and required documentation
  • Learnings from previous tenders to understand the opportunities and to recognise the pitfalls in hospital tendering

The training can be organised in customer´s or Oriola´s premises or as an online training.

Full service package – an easy solution for successful tendering

Alongside the training program, Oriola provides a full-service package for pharmaceutical companies in all matters related to hospital tendering, starting from strategic consultation to handling the entire tendering process. Our services include:

  • Support and consultation for managing required documentation (including ESPD document)
  • Preparation and translation of required documentation
  • Double quality check on documentation and pricing information
  • Delivering tender documentation to the tendering organisation  

Raisa Viljakainen is happy to tell you more!


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