Miljö/Environment policy

Business Area Services within Oriola Corporation is the specialist in pharmaceutical- and pharmacy distribution and expert services for Pharmacies and Pharma companies. Our mission is to be ”The Channel for Health”.

This policy is valid for the Swedish parts within Business Area Services. The scope of the environment management system is the sites Enköping, Mölnlycke and Stockholm. All services provided from these sites are included. 

miljö policy

We see our environmental work as a natural part of our daily operations and we work actively to protect the environment. This means that we:

• Work to lower the environmental impact from our defined significant environmental aspects.

• Work to lower our energy consumption, minimize waste, and decreasethe emissions generated from our transports.

• Choose suppliers that actively pursue environmental work.

• Are responsible for ensuring that our personnel have the right competence and tools needed to conduct their work with minimal impact on the environment.

• Ensure compliance with environmental laws and other environmental related requirements in our operations.

• Actively work to find new development areas to reduce our total environmental impact, risks of environmental incidents and to prevent pollution.

Our environmental work is inspired by our concern for human health and future generations’ need of a healthy environment.

We have been certified according to the demands in ISO 14001 since 1999 and work continually to protect the environment and preserve natural resources