Supporting healthcare

Our services support healthcare in providing safe and effective pharmacotherapy for patients. We also offer primary care services in our pharmacies.

In addition to pharmaceutical distribution and dose dispensing, many of our expert services support healthcare by helping pharmaceutical companies in developing effective pharmacotherapy. Our Real World Evidence (RWE) studies, for example, contribute to data-driven decision-making and value-based healthcare.

By combining real-world data from national registers and patient reported outcomes (PRO), our real-world evidence studies produce information about the effectiveness of medicines and how well they work in patients’ everyday life. These studies help to develop more effective treatments that often also benefit society in reduced healthcare costs.

In Finland, we have developed a digital research platform that increases the transparency of health data usage for patients in these studies. The research platform has been developed as part of the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra's IHAN® project that aims to lay the foundations for a fair data economy. Research participants can ensure strong identity verification, give electronic consent and control the usage of their own data.

Primary healthcare services from pharmacies

In Sweden, our Kronans Apotek supports healthcare and public health by providing primary care services through pharmacies. In 2020, we launched a new vaccination service in pharmacies with MediCheck, a Swedish private healthcare operator. The service covers, for example, vaccines for TBE, herpes zoster and boosters for basic vaccines. Also, seasonal influenza vaccines were offered to people in the risk groups of COVID-19.

During the pandemic, our pharmacies have also supported healthcare capacity with COVID-19 antibody testing and COVID-19 vaccinations. The antibody testing was initiated in spring 2020, and by the end of March 2021 around 90,000 citizens had been tested. In spring 2021, Kronans Apotek also agreed with Skåne region to help with COVID-19 vaccinations and launched COVID-19 rapid antigen tests for customers who suspect they may have an ongoing infection. A health certificate is offered to customers who get a negative test result, for example to be used when travelling.

Kronans Apotek's primary healthcare services make care more accessible and offer people a convenient way to look after their health when they visit a pharmacy. In addition to vaccinations, services include medication reviews and measuring of blood pressure, haemoglobin, blood glucose and inflammation markers (CRP). Digital doctor services are offered in cooperation with, a Swedish online medical centre partly owned by Oriola. Due to the pandemic, these services – excluding vaccinations – are paused to prevent the virus from spreading.