Leadership has a significant impact on employee experience and our culture.

At Oriola, we strongly believe that people and culture are the enablers for success. Change leadership is one of the key areas in our leadership development, as Oriola’s business environment, company structure, culture and ways of working are being transformed. 

Our people management is focusing on developing both organisational and individual capabilities that enable successful transformation. We also continue to evaluate the areas where new competences are needed. 

We include training with focus on communications and managerial skills as part of our leadership development offering. To ensure continuous development, we annually measure the quality of leadership. 

As an employer, promoting equality is one of the key priorities for us. We annually conduct a salary review to ensure that there are no unexplained pay gaps. We emphasise operational excellence, high performance, and recognition for outstanding results throughout the organisation.

The short- and long-term incentive plans are described in our Financial Review