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Svensk Dos awarded ISO 14001:2004 Certification


Svensk Dos, Oriola-KD’s Swedish subsidiary specialized in dose dispensing of pharmaceuticals, has been awarded the ISO 14001:2004 Environment Certification in April 2016.

The ISO 14001:2004 certification and environmental management system assure that Svensk Dos is continuously improving processes, mainly in order to reduce environmental impact but also for the development and quality assurance of operations. Svensk Dos is measuring environmental aspects, for example use of material, amount of waste and transports.

Active environmental work goes hand in hand with the company's business objectives. This is also a prerequisite for making environmental work an integrated part of the business. The main goal is to achieve sustainable development of Svensk Dos’s business.

- Oriola’s Swedish operations had been certified according to ISO 14001 already in 1999, so naturally it was important for us to be certified as well, says Stefan Krisch, managing director of Svensk Dos.

- Using ISO 14001:2004 states that Svensk Dos’ environmental impact is being measured and operations improved. Our customers can rely that they are operating with an environmentally responsible company. Our largest customer today, Region Skåne, has a strong environmental profile and what is important for our customers is obviously important for us. We also see more and more potential customers requiring ISO 14001 Environment Certification in the contracts. We are working with environmental objectives and this year we are especially aiming for a more efficient use of resources, a proper waste management and optimized transports to improve our productivity and increase our profitability. Environmental certification is a competitive advantage for us, Krisch says.

- Our quality department has done an excellent job leading the implementation of the ISO standard. I am pleased to say that the whole Svens Dos team is now involved in the company’s sustainability work, Krisch continues.