Oriola unites consumers and pharmaceutical companies in a unique way

Oriola provides pharmaceutical companies an effective access to markets and improves consumers' wellbeing by ensuring that pharmaceuticals, health products and services are delivered in a safe and customer-friendly manner.

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Oriola focuses on the needs of consumers in health and wellbeing related products and services. Oriola offers expert advice on health and wellbeing as well as an extensive and high-quality selection of products in its own pharmacies.

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Oriola provides services for healthcare actors who want to succeed in the Nordic countries. We have knowledge of the market from producer to consumer. We will help you serve your customers better. With us you can grow, increase profitability and reach your goals.

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Oriola provides services for healthcare actors who want to succeed in the Nordic countries. Oriola focuses on long-term customer relationships and provide you with logistics services and wide range of added value services.

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Oriola is a Finnish publicly listed company with a strong position in the Swedish and Finnish health and wellbeing market. We connect the field from pharmaceutical companies to pharmacies and consumers. We promote wellbeing by ensuring that medicines as well as health and wellbeing products are delivered in a safe and customer friendly manner. Our wide range of services help pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and other operators in the healthcare field to succeed. In Sweden, we own the third largest pharmacy chain, Kronans Apotek, with over 320 pharmacies that offer expert guidance in health and wellbeing and a large range of products for consumers.

About us