We are here to build health for life

Oriola is a health and wellbeing company operating in the Nordic countries

Oriola’s purpose ‘Health for life’ is the essence of our existence – our work has an impact on people's health and wellbeing every day.

Oriola in brief

Securing the distribution of medicines to patients and customers is a key element in Nordic welfare societies and their healthcare systems. Oriola has been serving customers in this area since the establishment of its first medicine wholesaler in 1907. Our long tradition has set the foundation for our unrivalled knowledge and expertise in the pharmaceutical sector. We take pride in enhancing the availability and safe use of medicines and healthcare products. 

Oriola aims to be the leading specialist in wholesale of pharmaceuticals and health products. We offer advanced distribution and advisory services for pharmaceutical companies and a wide range of health products for pharmacies, veterinarians, other healthcare and retail operators. Additionally, Oriola offers dose dispensing services for pharmacies and healthcare operators.

Oriola is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki and its headquarters are in Espoo, Finland.

Health for life – purpose drives us at Oriola

We see health as the basis of feeling good. Being able to contribute. Living a fuller life. Inspired by our vision, we wanted to tell our story of being the caring partner for a healthier tomorrow. It’s about small acts of kindness and caring that makes this world a better and a healthier place for us, and for future generations. Enjoy watching!