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Finland’s mandatory reserve supplies ensure the availability of medicinal products


The purpose of legislation concerning mandatory reserve medical supplies is to ensure the availability of medicines in circumstances where the habitual availability is restricted or prevented in Finland. The Act on Mandatory Reserve Supplies applies to pharmaceutical companies, importers of medicinal products, health care units and the National Institute for Health and Welfare.

The Government Decree on Mandatory Reserve Supplies of Medicines identifies the drugs to be stocked. When necessary, the Finnish Medicines Agency confirms the preparations to be included in the mandatory reserve supplies item by item. The National Emergency Supply Agency pays compensation to pharmaceutical companies and importers of medicinal products for the cost of maintaining reserve supplies.

Oriola’s monitoring service for mandatory reserve supplies supports pharmaceutical companies

Oriola’s experts help pharmaceutical companies monitor their mandatory reserve supplies and meet the requirements set for mandatory reserve supplies. For the pharmaceutical companies maintaining reserve supplies, it is important that the flow of information is tailored and relevant to their needs. This includes, for example, availability enquiries, notifications about the specifics of mandatory reserve supplies in Finland, and processing of applications for reduction of storage obligation.

"In addition to monitoring of mandatory reserve supplies and communication, we also handle matters related to applications. In case of medicine shortage, pharmaceutical companies may apply for a permission for reduction of storage obligation or for permission to arrange the obligation to be fulfilled in a different manner. Fimea is our partner in matters related to applications", says Supply Chain Coordinator Samuli Kettunen.

Successful monitoring of mandatory reserve supplies requires that several different factors are taken into account, and finding the information may be laborious. Especially globally operating companies have sometimes challenges to understand the demands of Finnish mandatory reserve supplies

"Our goal is to make things easier for our clients and help them achieve the desired end result. When applications for reduction of storage obligation are approved and obligations for mandatory reserve supplies are met in an appropriate manner, we find that our work has been successful", Kettunen says.

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