Near-term risks and uncertainty factors

Risks related to instability in financial markets, cost inflation, salary inflation and overheated labour markets, uncertain product availability due to material and supply chain constraints, and electricity shortages, remain. In addition, cyber-attacks against critical areas of society are expected to increase. These factors may have a significant impact on Oriola’s operations, net sales and profitability.
Oriola is deemed as a critical entity under the directive (2022/2557) of the European Parliament on the resilience of critical entities. Recognition of full-service healthcare distributors as critical infrastructure reduces Oriola’s risks.  The directive entered into force on 16 January 2023 and will have to be implemented at national level.

In regular contingency planning, the company has focused especially on securing the health of its personnel, availability of workforce and safety in the distribution centres, as well as the growing need for pharmaceutical stocking. In addition, Oriola engages in active dialogue with both customers and authorities about the quickly changing requirements and how to manage them. Oriola also aims to actively mitigate cost pressures.

Oriola’s strategic development projects involve operational risks which may have an effect on the company’s profitability if realised. Oriola has IT system projects underway. The company has defined separate risk management plans for all major IT projects and aims to ensure seamless implementation of the systems through careful planning.

Oriola’s distribution capabilities relies on well-functioning distribution centres with automation and information systems. If the systems experience long or short-term malfunctions, Oriola’s delivery accuracy might be affected. 

From time to time, Oriola is involved in legal actions, claims and other proceedings. It is Oriola’s policy to provide for amounts related to the proceedings if liability is probable, and such amounts can be estimated with reasonable accuracy. Taking into account all available information to date, legal actions, claims and other proceedings are not expected to have a material impact on the financial position of the Group. 

Published in the Q1 24 interim report on 25 April 2024.