Insider register

Oriola complies with the insider holding guidelines issued by NASDAQ Helsinki Ltd (July 3, 2016) and the Market Abuse Regulation (596/2014, "MAR"). Oriola has issued its insider guidelines ("Guidelines") which are based on applicable EU and Finnish legislation (especially MAR and the Securities Markets Act 746/2012), the insider guidelines of NASDAQ Helsinki Ltd, and the regulations and guidelines of the European Securities Markets Authority and the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Members of the company's Board of Directors, CEO and his deputy, Members of the Oriola Management Team that have operational responsibilities leading a Business Area of the company as well as CFO and VP, Development and Information Management are considered the management of the company ("Management"). Management and their related parties shall notify all transactions with the company's securities or financial instruments made on his or her own account to the company and the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority without delay and three working days from the execution of the transaction at the latest. The Guidelines set trade restrictions prohibiting Management and the persons who participate in the preparation of interim and annual financial statements of Oriola from making transactions with the company's securities or financial instruments related to them during a closed period of 30 days before a financial report of Oriola is made public (closed period).

Oriola is obliged to draw up the insider lists and keep them up-to-date. For the time being, Oriola has determined not to include any persons as permanent insiders. Consequently, all persons with inside information will be included in event-based insider list for relevant insider projects. Oriola instructs the persons entered in the event-based insider list on their obligations and any possible consequences. In addition, Oriola monitors and supervises the proper management of insider issues.