Sustainable investment

Sustainability is integrated in Oriola's strategy and the company has defined long-term sustainability goals for its three sustainability themes: society, people and planet. In line with the purpose ‘Health for life’, Oriola is committed to building a healthier tomorrow. Oriola’s business creates value to society and the entire healthcare chain. Minimising its environmental impact is a high priority for the company. Oriola is committed to United Nations Global Compact principles for responsible business. Oriola's sustainability approach provides a solid foundation to create long-term value for company's shareholders.

Oriola reports sustainability information compliant with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards for sustainability reporting. The environmental data in Oriola’s GRI supplement has been assured by a third party (limited assurance). Additionally, Oriola reports sustainability key themes according to the Finnish Accounting Act in the Board of Directors' report.

External recognition

Oriola’s actions towards its ambitious sustainability goals have been recognised externally in the following ESG indices:


In 2020, Oriola received the leader rating of AAA (on a scale of AAA-CCC) in the MSCI ESG Ratings assessment. MSCI ESG Ratings measure companies according to exposure to industry-specific environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and the ability to manage those risks relative to peers.

OMX Sustainability Finland Index

Oriola is included in the OMX Sustainability Finland Index of Nasdaq Helsinki. The sustainability indexes comprise the leading companies in terms of sustainability and are selected based on how well they meet the criteria for ESG issues.

Climate Disclosure Project (CDP)

In 2020, Oriola received recognition for its environmental work by achieving CDP’s best leadership level with score A- (on a scale of A-D). Oriola has been reporting Climate Disclosure Project’s (CDP) climate change programme annually since 2017. CDP is a non-profit organisation that runs the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts.

ESG risk management

Oriola assesses ESG risks as part of the regular risk management process. Oriola has identified the following most significant ESG risks: information security; and transition risks related to climate change, such as changes in fossil fuel pricing, environmental regulation becoming stricter, as well as consumers’ increasing demands for ethical, transparent and environmentally sustainable products and services.

Oriola responds to these challenges and sees business opportunities in the systematic development of environmental work. Oriola follows the development of environmental legislation. Commitment to reducing CO2 emissions is a selection criterion for Oriola’s transport partners. Oriola evaluates product sustainability in its product range decisions and develops its own products to meet the increasing demands of consumers. In addition, Oriola develops consumer-oriented health services in its pharmacies in Sweden.