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IHE and Oriola start collaboration to improve patient´s access to medicines in the Nordic countries


The Swedish Institute for Health Economics (IHE) and Oriola´s Farenta Expert services have signed a cooperation agreement. The collaboration combines IHE´s health economic knowledge with Oriola´s market access expertise and improves patient´s access to medicines in the Nordic countries.

Finland, Sweden and Norway require a health economic evaluation as part of applications for price and reimbursement for new medicines. Health economic evaluation estimates the additional value to the society if a new medicine is admitted market access to a specific country.

IHE is a pioneer health economic research centre located in Sweden, with over 30 years´ experience in health economic evaluation in the Nordic countries.

"Cooperation with Oriola helps us to develop our research projects in the Nordic countries. Oriola can collect real world data directly from patients through their network of research pharmacies. Now we are able to combine data comprehensively from different sources, like healthcare registers. That is extremely valuable for many research projects, including health economic modelling and evaluations", says Peter Lindgren, Managing Director at IHE.

Oriola´s Market Access expertise covers everything from individual pricing and reimbursement applications to fully outsourced Market Access activities. Together, Oriola and IHE offer pharmaceutical companies comprehensive Market Access and health economic expertise in all the Nordic countries.

"We are excited to start cooperation with IHE.  Together, we can help pharmaceutical companies to improve their medicines’ market access to the Nordic countries and support patient´s treatment", says Jaana Joutseno, Head of Market Access at Oriola.

More information:

Jaana Joutseno, Head of Market Access, Oriola, + 358 40 751 4189,

Tuula Lehto, Group Communications Director, Oriola + 358 40 588 5343,

Peter Lindgren, Managing Director, IHE, +46 73760 3213,