Safe and reliable pharmaceutical deliveries

Ensuring safe pharmaceutical distribution and availability of pharmaceuticals is the highest priority in our operations and our most societally significant task.

Pharmaceuticals must be delivered safely and on-time irrespective of external conditions. Our operations are designed to ensure that pharmaceuticals with marketing authorisation are continuously available and that they are handled in a manner compliant with the pharmaceutical sector’s regulatory requirements. We deliver medicines to customers within 24 hours.

Reliable handling in special conditions

Pharmaceuticals are temperature sensitive products. The normal temperature requirement in warehousing is 15-25 °C, and 2-8 °C for products that require cold conditions. Appropriate conditions are continuously monitored throughout the supply chain, including during transport.

Insulin for diabetes and many vaccines are examples of products that need cold conditions. Oriola has strong cold chain expertise; in Sweden, for example, most vaccines pass through us. Also, special biomedicines are a growing product group that require unique solutions. To meet these increasing needs, we have invested in cold chain development during the recent years in both our operating countries.

In addition to ensuring the appropriate conditions for pharmaceuticals, we promote pharmaceutical safety by preventing counterfeit pharmaceuticals from entering the market by dealing directly with pharmaceutical companies and complying with the EU Falsified Medicines Directive.

Collaboration to ensure availability of pharmaceuticals

In the Nordic countries, the availability of medicines has long remained at a high level, but disruptions in the global supply chain have increased significantly in recent years. There are several reasons for this, from global supply problems or challenges with the availability of a single raw material to the small size of the Finnish and Swedish markets.

It takes collaboration between all operators in the pharmaceutical market to ensure the continued availability of medicines. Oriola is actively working with the authorities and other operators to develop the pharmaceutical market and ways of operating.