Social: Advancing a sustainable people journey

Our employees work every day to promote people’s health and wellbeing in pharmaceutical distribution, dose dispensing and various expert roles.

Our sustainable people journey guides our work in leadership, employee engagement and wellbeing at work. Together we develop a collaborative culture that is grounded in shared values, promotes fairness, encourages skill development, and empowers our leaders.

Material topics

  • Leadership and culture, including diversity and inclusion
  • Workplace safety
  • Fair working conditions, including human rights
  • Skilled and engaged employees

Strategic targets

  • Foster a culture that ensures fair treatment, develops capable individuals, and empowers leaders
  • Reach the long-term goal of zero accidents

Oriola provides a fair and equal workplace that supports diversity and inclusion. Change leadership is one of the key areas in our leadership development, as Oriola’s business environment, company structure, culture and ways of working are being transformed.

Oriola stresses the importance of a healthy and safe working environment. That starts from the prevention of work-related accidents and illnesses and extends into maintaining employees’ functional capacity at the various stages of their working lives. Our long-term target is to have zero accidents.

Oriola respects and supports the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights. The focus of the company’s human rights efforts is on implementing due diligence processes including assessment of salient risks and impacts on people throughout Oriola’s value chain.