Sustainability governance

High sustainability standards allow us to fulfil our purpose ‘Health for life’ and guide our work. Oriola’s sustainability work is guided by our sustainability related policies as well as governance practices and procedures.

Oriola’s Board of Directors is the highest authority to oversee our sustainability work. The Board decides, steers and guides Oriola’s sustainability agenda, and regularly reviews our sustainability performance.

The Audit Committee plays an integral role in supervising the management's strategies for establishing and executing the sustainability agenda, as well as tracking the progress of sustainability reporting. The Committee consistently monitors the advancement of the sustainability agenda, offering feedback when necessary. Furthermore, it proposes items for the Board's approval.

The President and CEO of Oriola is responsible for managing and developing Oriola in accordance with the instructions and guidance given by the Board of Directors, and for implementing its decisions.

The Oriola Management Team prepares and follows up the Group’s sustainability agenda including plans, risks, targets and performance indicators.

The Communications and Sustainability function is responsible for preparing proposals to the Oriola Management Team about sustainability development in line with the agenda and action plan, as well as steering sustainability related activities.

VP, Communications and Sustainability, is responsible for the Group-level sustainability agenda and its development, for coordinating related reporting activities, assisting the organisation and its leadership in sustainability related matters.