Promoting safe medicine usage

We support consumers in safe medicine usage through our dose-dispensing, patient support and medical information services.

Our medical information and patient support services help patients with the use of medicines. Individual support and advice promote patients’ commitment to their treatment. Incomplete courses of prescribed medications can expose patients to prolonged or recurring illnesses, leading to increased healthcare costs and absences from work.

In automated dose dispensing, all medicine tablets and capsules are packed in single-dose pouches. Each pouch contains clear information of the date and time for taking the medicine, which helps patients to take the right dosage of their medicines at the right time.

Oriola's dose-dispensing production units are located in Uppsala, Sweden, and in Helsinki, Finland. Once an automated dose-dispensing machine has packed the medicines, they are delivered for example to pharmacies or home care.

The service promotes medicine safety as automated dose dispensing is more reliable than manual dispensing. Additionally, we conduct a medication review for each new patient to ensure that all of their medicines are compatible and necessary. The service also reduces pharmaceutical waste, because there is no need to keep several packages at home. Yet another benefit is that automated dose dispensing gives the staff in nursing homes and home care more time for patients.