Prepare for your interview

Are you ready to join us in building a healthier future? We want to give you the best conditions to succeed in your interview, so our experienced HR partners have some tips for you.

Read about us

You may already know one or some of our businesses, but it can still be good that you take the time to read who we are and what we stand for. This is so that you can formulate in the best way for yourself and for us why you would fit in. We look different depending on the service you are interested in and we want to see that you, as much as us, value our meeting by being proactive!

During the interview

Recruiting is a bit like matchmaking. It should feel right from both sides!

Try to, as often as possible, relate your abilities to practical examples or situations. Can you describe a recent situation that shows the behavior or trait you want to highlight?

And try not to put too much stress on yourself before the meeting – we on the other side of the process are curious about who you are, not someone you think we're looking for. Be as much of yourself as you can and be honest and open – it shows a personal maturity, and we get a chance to see the real you (which will probably also show after we get to know each other).

Looking forward to your feedback?

Sometimes making final decisions can take a while which means you may have to wait for the feedback. If you want to find out how things are going in the process, you are welcome to contact the person responsible for recruitment. We will let you know whether you are proceeding forward in the process or not.

What do you think - are we a match?

We want to help people make healthy choices and feel better. We grow and develop in health and wellbeing and with our important role in society, your work with us gives us a purpose. In return, we expect you to aim as high as we do.