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Do you aim as high as we do? Welcome to explore your career paths at Oriola! You can read our employee interviews and explore our organisation.

Jennie - Customer service

"Nothing is the same since I started about 30 years ago. The organisation has developed in all areas.  If that sounds exciting to you - join us and make sure to keep up!"

Thomas_mobile nurse_flipbox.jpg

Thomas - Mobile nurse

"Being able to help and support a person to better life and health, even if we can't cure all diseases – it gives me so much energy back."


Simon - Distribution

"I find energy in more than one place. Such as exercise, activities, friends and partying...or why not watch a movie in bed with a large bowl of sweets."

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Instead of nurses or patients manually handling the dosage of medication, our dose-dispensing service provides a safe, easy and sustainable solution. In dose dispensing you can be working for example as a licensed pharmacist, machine handling operator or service technician. In Finland, our dose dispensing is known as ANJA and in Sweden as Svensk Dos.

At Oriola you will be an essential part of the distribution value chain of pharmaceuticals and health and wellbeing products working either in Finland or Sweden. In collaboration with our customers, we are responsible for delivering the right product to the right customer at the right time.

Oriola offers a broad range of health and wellbeing products to pharmacies, groceries, veterinarians, private and public healthcare operators and retailers in Finland and Sweden. We also handle special licensed medicines and continuously develop other value adding services to meet our customers’ needs today and in the future. For you, this brings an opportunity to work in all positions that cover the lifespan of a product from clinical services to market access, and including pharmacovigilance, real world evidence and patient support programmes - to name a few.