Special licensed medicines importing service secures successful medical treatment for the patient

The suitability and availability of a medicine are essential factors for a patient in committing to the treatment. Despite careful medicine availability control, sudden shortages of medicinal products with marketing authorization can occur. Sometimes none of the licensed medicines available in the market fit to a patient. Our Special Licensed Medicines importing service is a solution and also fills in during times of medical shortages. Our service ensures the continuation of the patient’s treatment. 

Patient safety and treatment commitment strongly guide the whole pharmaceutical industry. In the case of a medical shortage, a pharmaceutical company is responsible for informing, as proactively as possible, the rest of the healthcare value chain: pharmaceutical wholesalers, hospital procurement departments, pharmacies and veterinarians. As a partner for pharmaceutical companies, Oriola provides effective communications channels to reach all pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, medical centres and veterinarians in Finland and Sweden. 

With our expertise and wide international supplier network, we find and import both human– and veterinary medicines to meet the patient’s needs.

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