Commercial Data Solutions

Oriola provides comprehensive Commercial Data Solutions tailored to every stage of the pharmaceutical product’s life cycle – from market authorisation to distribution and from healthcare systems to the end-customer experience. Our commitment is to stay at the forefront of innovative approaches that unlock valuable insights, offering a diverse toolkit and helping your business thrive.

Oriola Insights –  empower your people and organisation with insight-driven decision-making

Data-driven insights make your story robust. However, data is often scattered across multiple sources and interfaces, and this impedes the ability to efficiently leverage data-driven information and insights. After all, we need the information rather than the raw data. Oriola Insights is an expert-curated collection of insightful reports under one enriched and flexible user interface. It empowers your teams and decision-makers by offering information-rich and timely insights, but also saves your resources by omitting the need for data requests, waiting times, and manual labour. We can help clinicians, market access teams, medical teams, strategic planning teams, healthcare providers, and other professionals in their mission to provide efficient healthcare for the community.

  • Self-service Power BI-based user interface – access the insights when you want and where you want, whether you are at the office, at home, or using your mobile.
  • Continuously improved, with new features and data added – possibility for co-creation with our subject matter experts.
  • User trainings available on a regular basis.

Dynamic Reporting - explore, analyse and optimise your product flow

Discover the power of our dynamic reporting platform, which offers a suite of powerful reporting tools designed to provide insights about the distribution of your products and empower your decision-making process. Our reporting solutions bring your data to life, enabling you to delve into its various dimensions and gain deep insights into your business operations as well as your supply chain efficiency.

Our reporting tools offer interactive visualizations and a user-friendly interface, enabling you to:

  • analyse sales trends,
  • track your ongoing sales activities,
  • monitor stock movements,
  • optimise your inventory, and
  • monitor essential KPIs.

Our solution harnesses your data and transforms it into the knowledge needed for understanding and streamlining the flow of distribution operations.

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Paavo Raittinen

Paavo Raittinen

Head of Commercial Insights and Data +358 40 511 7886